Holy Va Jay Jay pain batman!

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Holy Va Jay Jay pain batman!

So this afternoon DH and I are were sitting on the couch and then all of a sudden for about a half an hour out of nowhere, I would get these intense sharp shooting pains that would last just a couple of seconds and then go away. Then a minuet or so later come back, for like I said about a half hour. WTH! I never had these pains with DS so this was something new. They have stopped.
So of course, I get the bright idea and google it! LOL....anyways all I could really tell was that it's either baby moving down and hitting nerves(she's been head down and right there for the last 3 weeks at least), so I guess she could be hitting nerves when she moves but I would think i'd have felt these pains before but what the heck do I know? Haha!
Or, people have said thats dilation occuring...and i'm not so sure i'm down with that response either. But again...i'm no dr.
So long story made not so short, I think i'll ask the dr about them on Thursday and see what he says and we'll see if there is any dilation, but i'm not holding out much hope. Sigh....i'm gonna be pregnant forever! Hahaha!

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I have had some sharp shooting pains down there also. Mine usually occur when I try and go for a walk. So I stop and then continue when the sharp pains go away. Not sure what it is either. I will ask my ob also on Wednesday. hoping you are doing well Jill! Not much longer Smile

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I get these a lot actually. It HURTS!! I just figured it was the baby pouncing on my nether regions. Ouchie!!

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My OB told me that stabbing pains in the cervical area is most likely dilation. Good luck!

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I had that a month or so ago. I had never felt my cervix before until there was pain shooting through it! Yikes! The midwife said it's just baby hitting a nerve. Naughty kids!