Hormonal and Sad...

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Hormonal and Sad...

So, DH and I both left Friday morning. He went hunting about 6 hours away, I also went 6 hours away, but I went more north than he did - and I went with my mom to a festival. DH doesn't get cell service. He'll be gone until Sunday. I was FINE when I was with mom, she took my mind off of it...plus I was insanely sick with morning sickness. But, I got home about 20 minutes ago...and busted into tears. I was super excited to see my dogs, but.. there's no DH here. And he won't be here all week. And my "friends" are busy. So, I have nothing to take my mind off of the fact that I miss him terribly.

I don't know how military wives do it. I couldn't.

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Aww, im so sorry hun!! *hugs* Maybe you could take up a hobby to keep you busy until he gets home?

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As my hubby was in the military I know exactly how you feel. Many many hugs coming your way. What I had to do at the time was pick something each day that I could do to keep me busy and out of the house. Like each day I would clean a different room in our house and then do something out of the house. Took my step son to the pool or playground, or a different store each day so I wasn't just sitting twiddling my thumbs going now what?

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Joy, thanks for the hugs. I don't have any hobbies as of yet. I do love to read, but.. I'd still be sitting here. I don't live anywhere close to be able to go anywhere except Wal-Mart.

Jill - no NO idea how you managed with your hubby in the military. I have a good friend that has a husband that went overseas, he was civil service though. But regardless, it was hard for her. But her kids kept her mind off of it a lot, plus she has friends and family RIGHT around the corner. I DID leave the house trashed before I left because I knew I could clean when I got back and atleast get something productive accomplished. I work everyday except Wednesday until he comes home, so that will help too. I think it's a combination of leaving my moms house ...whom I hardly EVER get to see and she is my best friend too..plus no DH here that has me in tears. I'm just a hot mess. I sincerely hope I'm not like this all week.

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DH was deployed during my first trimester with DS. It sucks not having him around (thankfully not an issue anymore). I know how it feels to come home knowing he won't be there and isn't coming home that night. I even hate Monday nights when he's in school all night. It sucks, no matter a week, a month, or longer.

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I swear I posted a response to this earlier, but apparently it didn't show????

Anyway, I said so on our PGAL thread, but just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you are feeling sad and hormonal.


I hope this week just FLIES by. Smile

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I hate hate hate hate it!! DH leaves for business several times a year, is actually leaving a few days next week! Sad I literally can't sleep! Sad Sorry you are so sad, I would be too! :bighug: