Hospital stay

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Hospital stay

So, I went to visit my mom on Saturday and came home Sunday. I knew I was getting sick - my throat hurt. But I figured it'd just be a cold and it was the last weekend I could go see her, so I went anyway. I *felt* okay, but still knew it was coming. Sunday night I tried to go to bed around 830 and I couldn't breathe. I have asthma - and I was coughing. Every time I would cough it would make me need my inhaler (which I had to get from a friend because mine were empty.) I came out of the bedroom crying around 845. DH was like...what's going on? I told him I couldn't breathe and I might need to go to the hospital. I was super upset - we had plans to fishing on the lake while MIL kept the baby on Monday and here I was not being able to breathe. I HATE going to the hospital over nothing though, so I decided to wait a bit. Well, it wasn't getting better so we contacted MIL to watch the baby overnight while we went to the hospital. I was in the ER for 12 hours getting breathing treatment after breathing treatment which weren't really working except right then. So, they did an X-ray and I have pneumonia. Which doesn't surprise me, it seems like EVERY time I get sick I get pneumonia. So they admitted me and started me on steroids and anti biotics.

Which left DH to take care of the baby. All. By. Himself. I was soooo worried, I even asked for a sleeping pill because I couldn't get them off my mind. DH is a great guy - but he doesn't have any patience and Julie is really really trying sometimes. I also knew he was thinking of sleeping with her in the bed and I told him don't do that and he changed the subject. We talked later and he said he wouldn't sleep with her in the bed, but for those 3 hours I was worried sick. Tim moves a lot in bed, he's punched me before in his sleep, I definitely don't want my little baby in there.

He showed up Tuesday at the hospital with her. She had a bath, new clothes, lotion and some cream for her face put on. She was fed. Changed. Smiling. OMG it was soo cute. She came in in her stroller and I said Hiiii Baby Girl! And she just got this HUGE grin on her face. 'bout made me cry. But anyway, DH did great! I was so glad he stepped up and got everything accomplished. He had to call into work, but he said it was fine. Then he cooked me dinner last night on the grill. I mean yeah, I came home to a sinkful of dishes and clothes everywhere, but whatever!!!! He told me he was terrified LOL and that he can't do it everyday. I'm glad he knows what I go through, but I'm so glad that now I know Julie is in good hands if I need to be away.


So I'm home now. They didn't want to release me, but I knew I needed to come home. I went home with TEN medications. But I can breathe better - I just really hope my little girl doesn't get sick.

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Wow, that all sounds pretty aweful. I'm glad you're breathing better. It's aweful that you had to get so sick, but if there's a silver lining, it sounds like some baby boot camp was the best thing for DH getting to know Julie and getting comfortable with her. I think some Daddy's really need that. I think one of the reasons my husband has always been so good with the kids is because he's always had at least one or two days a week where he's had to care for them on his own.

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Man when you get sick you really do it right. Hope your feeling better quickly with all those meds.
On the bright side...yay for DH!

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Sorry you got pneumonia Jessica. I've had it once and I know how awful it is. But yay for dh surviving with the baby. You know sometimes guys just need a situation like that, so they are forced into it. I'm sure he learned a lot too.

My dh yesterday asked me to open a door for him. I asked why and he said because he was holding the baby. Haha. I told him, how do you think I manage all day without people opening doors for me. Its about time he learn to hold a baby in one arm.

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Sorry you are so sick. I have bronchial asthma also so same thing happens to me often where I end up with pneumonia. Not being able to breath is the worst feeling in my opinion.