Hospital Tour!

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Hospital Tour!

We went on our Hospital Tour yesterday and it was awesome! I have been very scared and nervous this whole pregnancy about everything from pregnancy itself to how its going to change everything and childbirth to taking care of this baby but yesterday when we were walking around the hospital and they took us by the nursery so we could get a peak at the babies... all that went away and the excitement sunk in. I cannot wait to meet our baby!!! I'm still scared of childbirth but my excitement and eagerness to meet this baby outweigh my fears by far. The hospital is so nice, all the nurses seems super sweet and attentive and I feel ready. I'm still unsure and nervous about my horrible doctors office but as far as the hospital goes I feel very at ease. I'm okay with one of the dr's I've seen so I'm trying to just hope that I get him when I go into labor. Either way my husband will be there and I'll get to meet our new baby boy and that makes me happy. Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement and my experience with you all!

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:love10: Congrats on the ease of fear! Smile I, too, was pretty nervous with my first.. but as time went on and I got to see things.. and actually be hands on, it subsided.. like it sounds yours is doing.

Child birth can be kinda scary.. because there's no text book way it will happen.. but just remember a majority of mamas go through normal labors just fine! Biggrin

So excited for you - and all members!! - to meet their LOs when time is right. Smile

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Yay, the hospital tour is super exciting! Glad that you are starting to feel less nervous, and just get excited about meeting your little boy. You're going to love being a mom! :biglove:

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Awww yay for your excitement finally trumping your fears! I haven't been on a hospital tour - I've been going to the same hospital since I was like 8, but they built a new one and I have never been anywhere but the ER ...LOL. I'm glad you seem to think it's worth it, maybe I'll check it out.

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We did our tour super early because I was still choosing a hospital. I do think it does a lot to ease fears. It's good to know how they do things, because policies can vary so much from hospital to hospital.