Hot anyone?

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Hot anyone?

I need to ask more than one question - I had another rough night and want to know if anyone is experiencing the same kinds of things I am. However, I'm home early from work and too freakin tired to do much, so I'll just ask one for now:

I'm usually very VERY cold natured. I spend my evenings underneath an electric blanket - DH is hot natured. I've always joked about that he's my human heater. When we go to bed, I don't need the blanket because DH warms up the room haha. Anyway, lately I've been warm. Then I'll get so hot I have to get out from under the blanket and take off whatever clothes are on and I'm sweating. It's like...menopause or something. DH is acting like he's cold, but he's on a lot of meds right now cuz he sliced his finger open, so... I can expect that. So, anybody else have temp changes like me?

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It was really bad about a month or two ago. I was so hot all the time while my usually-hot hubsand was freezing. It's calmed down a bit, but I still run a bit warmer than usual. I never need a sweater when we go places, where I usually would never be without one.

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I'm not hot to the point that you are talking about, but I am definitely warmer than I normally am. I usually get cold very easily and can say this pregnancy I really haven't felt cold at all.

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I'm finding that I have a hard time regulating my body temperature, but it's not always hot. It's more like I just can't get it right. I'll start out freezing cold, so I'll put on a sweatshirt or turn on the fire...and then a little while later I am super hot, so I turn off the fire or take off the sweatshirt. Then I get super cold again. Repeat repeat repeat. I've heard that you are supposed to get hot when you are pregnant because your body temp combines with baby's body temp, but I hadn't heard of "just can't get it right" temperature swings before.

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iv'e been the same way esp at night i wake up sick to my tummy cause i overheated, but start out freezing so throw on an extra blanket lol.

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I used to be cold ALL the time but lately I have what seems to be "hot flashes". I'll be fine and seconds later I'm so hot I feel like I'm going to pass out. Has to be pregnancy related. My DH teases me all the time and says my thermastat is broken. LOL

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I am warm or too hot most of the time while I am pregnant. DH will be covered in blankets and I've got them kicked off-he thinks I'm nuts. At least this time it is winter, when I was preggo with DD, I was pregnant over the summer so that was really bad.

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I think I'm warmer than usual, but still cold. It's Texas and in the 20's and 30's I'm not used to that.