How is everyone's belly button?

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How is everyone's belly button?

My belly button never popped with T so I kind of forgot that could happen. But I just noticed last night that my belly button is kind of half in and half out! I think it's going to pop all the way out. :eek: How is everyone else's doing?

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Mine was a black hole before.. I can somewhat see the bottom of the pit now.. but nothing popping out. I don't think it will.. didn't with DD. It may be flush at best. Biggrin

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I'm expecting it to pop again as it did with DS. But...not there yet. So we will see.

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Oh mine's been popped out for awhile now. You can't really tell through clothes unless I'm wearing something thin. It's weird to touch.

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Mine is gross lol. Like not out but huge and gross

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Mine hasn't popped out, but it's definitely closer to the surface than usual. I actually just noticed it a few days ago and I was like OMG IS THAT MY BELLY BUTTON? lol

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OMG, mine is totally out and super gross looking.

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Mine's been popped out since like 20 weeks haha! It never went back to normal after my first though.

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mine is popped, flush w/ the round belly! lol My 4 yr old son is SOOO concerned about it and if it will ever go back in or not!

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Mine looks like it may be in t he process of popping or stretching. Not sure yet but i noticed it last night.

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Mine hasn't popped but it is getting more pushed out. I don't think it ever popped with DD1 so we'll see if it pops this time.

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mine popped weeks ago:)