How many diapers?

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How many diapers?

How many diapers are you going through these days? What kind are you using? And what size?

I cloth diaper most days and use sposies at night and when going out. Cloth diapering makes it easy to count how many you use and whether its #1 or #2. So yesterday he had 6 poop diapers and 10 pee diapers. I really thought we'd be having less diaper changes by now. 16 dipes a day. Dang.

Right now I have a giant box of pampers sposies that I am using and I think it might be irritating his skin. Because he has little bumps on his bum in the morning that clear up during the day. Or it could be just wetness, since he sleeps pretty long stretches now.

He is in size one in sposies, I have a feeling we will be using this size for awhile because they are pretty big. In cloth, we are finally using the one size dipes. Most of the newborn size he has outgrown.

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I don't actually count but I would say 10-15. She pees a ton and does 1-3 poops a day. The lady at daycare and I were joking at how much she pees so I would say like every 1–2 hrs I change. We are using size 2 luvs. We used luvs sizes 3 and up with DD and after Rylee got her yeast infection while on pampers we decided to go to luvs and like them. She def is busting out of the 2s and we are talking about the 3s soon

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I would say we probably do 8-10 changes a day. Normally she only poops once a day(some days she does more), but she also pees a ton.

Kylie is in size 1 pampers swaddlers and is doing just fine with them and they fit pretty well. We have about 2-3 weeks worth of size 1 diapers and will probably need to switch her to size 2 by the time her 3 month appt rolls around. So I don't foresee having to buy many out of pocket by the time we need to switch. We have a stock pile of 290 size 2 Pampers Swaddlers (given all to us from our shower or my brothers girlfriends niece Lily who outgrew them.) After size 2 I believe we switched my son to Luvs because they were so much cheaper for the same amount of diapers and I have also heard really great things about Target brand diapers which are also so much cheaper for the same amount, so when it's time we may try a small pack of them to see how they work.

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My guy doesn't wet a lot and even with supplementing he only has 6-7 wet/poopy dipes a day. Today I don't think he ate as much because he only had 5. He only poops every 2-3 days. I keep worrying that it's not normal but it's never been any different no matter how much extra bottles he gets. (nowadays he is only getting about 2oz extra a day)
He is in size one and I just got out the one size cloth for him.

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Being in cloth all day, her diaper changes are pretty much built into the routine vs. waiting until she feels wet. Unless she poops, I just change her before and after naps or if it seems like its been a while. I'm not sure how many we go through a day, but my diaper bin is definitely full at the end of 2 or 3 days. We use 1-3 disposables at night.

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I take my comment back about being in size one dipes for awhile. They are starting to get snug already. Crazy.