How terrible am I?

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How terrible am I?

Just because I'm pregnant now, doesn't mean I can stop working on our home renos. I have so much stuff to get done, and I can't leave it all to FH.

So, on a sliding scale, 0 being not terrible at all, and 10 being the worst thing ever, how bad is it for me to keep painting? Since we found out, I've been using a respirator mask while painting, and steering clear of the room until it's dry. Today I painted the kitchen, so I can't avoid that room completely, but I don't particularly spend much time in there to begin with. I hope that the respirator mask is enough protection. This is the one I use. In addition, I leave all windows open, and doors too when I can to get the best breeze possible.

I know that I shouldn't be sanding or painting anything, but the reality is that there's too much work for FH alone, and we allowed ourselves to go over budget in some areas knowing that this is the work we could do ourselves. Aka. We're out of money, and hiring painters isn't an option.

On this topic, what other things should I avoid doing around the house? We don't have a cat, so poo/litter/toxoplasmosis isn't an issue.

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When I was pregnant with DD we did work in our house but DH didn't let me do any work. However he had help! I really don't know what to say... I know I'm continuing my regular routines at home like cleaning and laundry , walking the dog, etc. I guess if you r covering your face and not doing heavy lifting you should be fine but I would double check.

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I helped paint the nursery when I was pregnant with T. We kept all of the windows open and the ceiling fans going to keep it ventilated. I didn't even use a mask (didn't know that painting was off limits.) According to the APA:

Unfortunately, there are no studies that document the effects of household painting on pregnancy and the developing baby.

Currently, the assumption is that household painting involves very low levels of exposure.

It does go on to say that ideally you would get someone to do it for you, but personally I think as long as you are being careful to limit your exposure (and it sounds like you are) then it will most likely be fine.

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Jessica - as far as working on the house goes, I wouldn't want to be breathing in paint fumes or lifting anything heavy, but I don't think we are far enough along to where we are supposed to sit on the couch all day long....although I could definitely DO that if needed Smile

Just like Marisol - I'm doing the same things. Cooking dinner (I did manage to catch the stove on fire yesterday! YES!!), laundry, tidying up...etcetc. I DO NOT clean the bathroom anymore because we clean it with Tilex and one whiff of it makes me sick. Plus there's no fan in there. Other than that, besides deciding your want your bed on another wall, I don't think there's much you can't do.

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As long as you are not using oil based paint and huffing it I think you are in good shape. Latex generally isn't too bad for fumes and keeping windows open and fans on helps even more. I think the fumes from painting your nails would be worse!!

Generations of women before us continued to work their family farms pregnancy after pregnancy and for the most part gave birth to healthy babies!

Oh and I just spent the weekend painting my DD's new room!

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Jessica, I'm sure its fine. Most paints are low VOC content these days. I tend to worry a lot too about what I'm allowed to do, eat, etc. I accidentally oredered something with blue cheese in it the other day when DH asked (when I was nearly done eating it) if I'm allowed to eat it. I googled it and it got mixed reviews. I felt guilty the rest of the day.

I think if you are using a mask, keeping the windows open and taking breaths of fresh air every now and then, you should be fine painting.