Husband Aversion?

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Husband Aversion?

I am 6 weeks 4 days today... I noticed this past weekend that I can't stand kissing my husband. It grosses me out. My morning sickness is in full effect and maybe that has something to do with it? Sometimes when he talks I am like QUIT IT!!!!!!!!! LOL! I love my husband VERY much- we've only been marries a little over 2 years so it's not like we're tired of each other or anything. I just dont want to kiss, or listen to him talk. Please tell me it's not jsut me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It didn't happen with my husband but with other people in my family! Just the sound of their voice made me super mad! Lol! So far it hasnt happened but I am noticing his sister in law is seriously getting on my nerves maybe she's my new victim! Lol!

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Jumping in from Feb.....
Luckily for me it wasn't my Hubby, but I certainly had (still have) this with a few of my co-workers. I can't see them or hear their voices without getting instantly aggravated!!

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Err.. I don't mind when the hubby talks, but I've noticed since I've stopped smoking that when I kiss him it's kinda gross. And I've felt sooo like crap lately that when he comes in from work and gives me a hug and kiss, I tend to turn away from him...which is mean as hell, I know, but .. I just don't wanna be touched.

Then I cry and apologize later. Smile

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Nope don't have that yet, haha. I do have the co-worker aversion though. I just feel too crappy and tired to be chatty and productive at the same time. I think they are starting to notice my lack of energy. I yawned like 5 times this afternoon whil my boss was talking. He talks for

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This is going to sound sooo bad, but I think my aversion right now is more towards my four year old. Oooh, I feel like a terrible mom even typing that. I wouldn't say that I have an aversion to him, but I have definitely noticed that I am not as patient with him as I normally am, which makes me feel guilty. I'm just more irritable in general, and T is a sweetheart, but some times he takes more patience than I have in me at the minute.

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Alissa - My patience ran out with my brother (and he's 20!).. I think in general it's just .. my entire patience level is lower and the person who tries it the most, is the one I generally lose it with.