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So, we don't have heat in the house. I don't have heat at my work (well, my work does, but the backroom doesn't have any). I got to work and immediately came out of my hoodie because I was warm. At home, we have two space heaters running and I'm usually under the electric blanket.

I AM SO FRIGGIN HOT! I asked DH if he was hot (he works outside and was still in his work clothes which includes two layers PLUS thermals) and he said no.

I've read everywhere that being pregnant makes you hot. Whew. They weren't kidding.

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I haven't experienced that yet. I'm a little warmer than usual, but I'm still cold all the time.

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I'm right there with you. I still have a few bouts of being cold(i'm always cold) but other than that i'm much warmer this time around. Which is weird since when I was pregnant with DS we were living in FL and let me tell you being due in July in FL is insane!

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I am always hot and pregnancy makes it sooo much worse!

I haven't used blankets all this past week in bed. DH thinks I am crazy. Smile

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That sounds like bliss, to be honest! LOL I am always cold, and for some reason being pregnant has done nothing to fix that. My MIL even commented last night "You're not a hot pregnant lady, are you?" (I HOPE she meant my body temperature...LOL) because I was driving us to dinner and had the heat cranking full blast. I think everyone in the car was hot but me. Story of my life. And I HATE being cold.

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Ill get hot flashes and then ill be cold the next. Constantly changing lol

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I definitely get hot when I'm pregnant. My DH thinks I'm nuts for kicking the covers off when he has layers on but I'm sweating.