I can see the baby kicking!!

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I can see the baby kicking!!

So just now I was laying here and felt a kick, so I decided to watch my belly for a bit and sure enough I can see it moving. So cool. I love it!!

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Thats the best!! How exciting for you!! Smile I love watching my belly dance as baby is going crazy in there. It makes it even more real when you can feel and see it.

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How cool!! I've got too many layers of fat still for that!!! Congrats on such a wonderful milestone!

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I must have too many layers of fat too! LOL I cant wait for that, how fun!

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I think the baby was just extra active yesterday or in a really good position. I am only 5'-0" tall too...so not as much room for baby to swim around in. I texted DH when it was happening, bc he was in another room I didnt want to move. But by the time he got in here the baby stopped. The baby always stops kicking when I put my hand on my belly too.

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I'm sooo looking forward to this!

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Mine was just moving this morning too! I could feel it with my hand so probably was visible as well. Yesterday I felt this HUGE kick that went up past my belly button almost to my ribs! Wow! Any day now and DH will be able to feel it as well!

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I have felt it under my hand a few times, but not too many. I love it when it gets to the point where you can really feel it on the outside. I can't wait to show my DS. He has been so interested in this whole process. He has already listened to the heartbeat with this crappy (although real) stethescope that he got at the Children's Museum, and he said he heard the heartbeat. I tend to believe him just because he looked so amazed.