I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Has anyone ever watched that show? I am home this morning because I am getting ready to fly to Atlanta this afternoon, so I'm watching rando TV, and that came on. I'm sitting here, looking huge, feeling Rocket kick so hard that he's bouncing my arm up, and wondering how something like that is possible. :o

What do you ladies think? Could you go a full 9 months without noticing that you're pregnant? Biggrin

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First of all, what're you going to Atl for? I love like an hr 15 from the airport so I'm just being nosy! Second, I've seen it before. SOOOO CRAZY.

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I have to go visit one of my clients for a year end review of their 2012 business. I am flying in today, flying to Phoenix tomorrow night for another one, and then flying home to Denver on Wednesday night. Then I have to fly to Seattle next Tuesday, and then I'm done traveling for good until sometime after I come back from maternity leave!

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OMG we were just talking about this at lunch but not about the TV show someone in real life. A teacher's daughter's friend went to the ER yesterday with cramping and supposedly had a baby at 5 am yesterday morning. We were all pretty much in agreement you can be in denial but you have to know in some way... no period for 10 months is more than a little sporadic and the biggest thing we said was the moving... the girl was a small girl so we were like she would feel it... there is just no way that you would think it was "gas" or something in my opinion with how much it happens and how hard it can be sometimes.

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Haha, I watched this show a few weeks ago. I was just in awe. Like, okay... the missing the period I can understand (my mom had weird periods too). But baby girl makes my belly move with her butt and kicks me hard sometimes. HOWEVER, sometimes (most times) when I'm sitting...I could totally play if off like gas if it came too it. It's when I lay down that she gets super active. Alot of the girls on that show don't go to 9 months, either... so.. maybe they're not feeling movement because they aren't far enough along? I dunno.. I just don't think I could totally dis-count all of her movements as gas.

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The show is insane. I've watched it a few times and just sit and think...how?

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Yeah, I've seen it and it's really crazy! A lot of times they just have no idea and pass off ANY of their feelings as something else.
And in a lot of cases, they go into labor/find out early on so that can make some sense.
Yeah, that would never happen to me though. Regular periods, I get HUGE, etc.

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It seems like it would be hard not to know, but I guess I can believe it in a situation where periods were irregular or someone had been diagnosed with infertility or else had another underlying medical condition that one could blame some of the symptoms on, especially if they had an anterior placenta. For myself, i can't imagine not knowing!

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I'm just not sure I believe those stories. I've only seen one episode of that show and the girl was on a roller coaster and felt sick, went into the amusement park bathroom and had her baby. Just sounds crazy to me.

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There's no way a whale could claim stupid.. I get as big as a house so yeah, it would never work for me. I'd be in the dr's office wondering if it was a tumor or something. lol..

Aside from that, I agree with the others who said they don't see how you can ignore the symptoms. There's too many, too often..