I Got to Spend My Morning on the Labor and Delivery Floor

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I Got to Spend My Morning on the Labor and Delivery Floor

I had some pretty serious bleeding Saturday night, but by the time DH got home from work at midnight it was gone. I was going to head to the ER once he got home to watch our son, but then decided not to since the bleeding stopped. It happened again yesterday afternoon and this morning, but with a little less blood. I called my doctor's office this morning and she sent me on over to L&D since she was there waiting on a delivery.

The good news: baby looks great! We ALMOST got a gender shot, but then baby wiggled and the cord went between their legs.

The bad news: I have a pretty fair size placenta previa - not a huge worry at 13 weeks, since they usually move up. The problem is that my SCH is RIGHT THERE at the edge of the cervix and placenta. As the placenta moves up, the hematoma will tear open. I was basically told to expect a scary massive bleed at some point in the near future. It should not affect baby unless the blood irritates the uterus into contractions. I am supposed to report back to L&D if I bleed/spot/cramp/anything, and I will have another u/s in two weeks to monitor it if nothing happens before then.

This baby is already causing mama anxiety attacks!

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How scary!!! So glad the baby is okay!! :bighug: I really hope you don't bleed like that again!! Please KUP!

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Holy crap! Well, on the plus side, atleast you know it's coming. But bleeding is no fun! And at 13 weeks! You should totally be moving into the "I have no worries" stage, not worrying about bleeding. Glad you're okay though and glad baby is great!

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Oh man! I know one of the ladies on the board is a nurse (can't remember who) so I was hoping this was a post about getting to fill in on that floor and seeing all the new babies and stuff.....


How freaking scary! I'm so glad that baby is fine and they could at least warn you about what to expect, but still, you must have been totally freaking out. I hope that you do not get any more bleeding and it just heals up nicely without any more problems. Please keep us posted!!

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Any blood is scary... I'm sorry this happened. Please rest up and take care of yourself. I am glad that the baby is ok but still Keep us posted.

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Whoa! That is so scary! Glad to hear that the baby is doing alright though! Hopefully you won't have too much more bleeding. Get some rest girl, sounds like you've had a rough weekend.

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Wow, bleeding is always scary. I hope it doesn't end up causing a lot of bleeding in the future. I'm glad baby is doing good though!

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Wow! SO glad that everything is okay though and that the bleeding you can expect will be "normal."

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I had a complete previa w/ dd 1 and was on bedrest from around 18 weeks on... It did cause me to have contractions, low amniotic fluid and she was born at 34w 4d.. but after a short NICU stay she's a healthy 6 yr old today Smile I also had one w/ dd3 BUT it did migrate up!!! Bleeding is scary, and when I had my "massive" bleed it scared me TO DEATH!!! Good thing is you've got somewhat of a heads up for if it does happen. Prayers for you and if you have any questions feel free to ask me:)