I hate spotting.

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I hate spotting.

Ugh. I really hate spotting.

As it turns out (and it's visible on the u/s photo I put on here the other day, the 8w 5d one) - I have a subchorionic hematoma.

Very, very normal for pregnancy - they warned me I will spot, but it will not affect the baby at all.


It drives me crazy and scares the crap outta me.

I wish I could have an ultrasound every few weeks until it resolves but that is not so.

I dont get another until the 20 week ultrasound - unless I want the nuchal scan, which they have to refer me for, and I've chosen to do, but I have no clue when that will be.

It drives me insane! Go away spotting! You stink Sad

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(((HUGS)))) I also have a SCH, and it is completely nerve wracking. Spotting is so freaking scary, even when you know the reason. Just to warn you so you don't freak out if it happens, you may also pass some clots. I have passed two small clots so far, and both times I about had a heart attack, but my dr says that is pretty common with SCHs.

I had an u/s today, and baby is totally fine, so that part is true too, you can have a SCH and still have a perfectly healthy baby.

Anyway, PM me if you ever want to vent because I TOTALLY understand how much is sucks to spot for weeks and weeks . I have been spotting off and on for 4 weeks so far. Boooo! LOL

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I'm so sorry you'r having to deal with spotting. I know it's scary. Hopefully the SCH will heal quickly! :bighug:

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Sorry you are spotting. Every pregnancy I get them, and I freak out everytime. It should get better soon, hopefully.

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Sorry to hear you're spotting. I'm convinced I had a SCH with my DS2 (I bled a lot -like a period- and passed clots from weeks 8-12)... But they were never able to find an apparent cause of my bleeding. It's good that they were able to see the problem and that it's not a threat to the baby. Hang in there!!

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Sorry that you have a SCH. That must be very scary. Hopefully the spotting stops soon. A few of my friends had SCH during their pregnancies and their spotting seemed to stop by 12-15 weeks. Hope that its even sooner for you.