I heard it! I heard it!

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I heard it! I heard it!

I dunno WHAT prompted me to fiddle with my doppler right in the middle of making dinner.. I even had to turn everything off, but I did...and about 2 minutes in...if even that.. I found babys HEARTBEAT!!!! Oh geez that is such a relief. Now I don't care that I'm sick and STILL puking every day. I don't care I don't care I don't care!!

I might be...erm.. a little paranoid that something bad is going to happen, so.. YAY! Super relieved!


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Yayayayayay Jessica!!!! I am so so happy that you finally found it and you can put your mind at ease! That is wonderful!!!! What a great feeling to know that your LO is just cooking away in there, snug as a bug in a rug. Biggrin

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Woohoo!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!

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Awesome news! Did you mark the spot for future reference? lol

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Such an awesome sound to hear! Yay!!!!!!!

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Yay! That's so exciting! I'm so glad you got to hear it. Was DH with you?

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Cristan & Elizabeth - I did mark the spot, I went back to it when DH got home and let him hear it. Baby had moved a lil but I found it. DH seemed so...UNDERwhelmed...lol. I hope he gets excited down the road.

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yeah!! I heard it too last night on my doppler for the first time. I had been looking for it in my hairline and read yesterday in a post that someone said to look higher. Well, I did and viola!!!! Smile It's a very exciting thing!!! Congrats on the hearing the sweet sound!!!

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YAY! IT's about time! haha. Now, you think you can find it again?