I think I have to buy a new crib....

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I think I have to buy a new crib....

So I bought a used crib with my first and then after my second they started recalling all the drop side cribs. I kept checking the website for mine and they kept saying theirs were ok and then finally they just did a general recall on all drop side cribs. I never got a repair kit for mine because by then I just took the side off and used it as a day bed for Noel. Well recently I tried to get one and apparently the crib was made in 1999! And I bought it in 2008 - it was almost 10 years old then!! I probably wouldn't have done that if I had known. Needless to say, they are only required to do repair kits for cribs up to 10 years old so I can't get one.
I've weighed my options and I do think I wouldn't be comfortable using it. I just don't want anything to go wrong, you know?
So my friend has a crib; I asked her about it casually when I was over at her house. She moved and her son is 5 and tall so he will be needing a larger bed anyway. It also has the drop side, but it's only about 5-6 years old and I can probably get a repair kit for it.
Anyway, I asked her about it in a message and she said I could BUY it from her if I wanted. (along w/ the mattress and sheets which I don't need) She is a bit weird about things like that - I've bought some baby stuff from her before and we're friends so it feels a little weird to buy things. But then she'll up and give me stuff too. Like she mentioned that she still had a baby swing that her friend was borrowing but I'm sure she would make me buy that too.
Anyway, I told her I wasn't going to spend money on a crib that's been recalled so I'm in the market.
I would love it if she would just let me have it; I'd want to check and see if I could get a repair kit for it first (free I think) and it's natural so I'd want to paint it white to match the rest of the nursery so really, it wouldn't be free even then.
But if that doesn't work out, then I'll have to buy one. I'm not sure with all this recall crap if I should buy another used one (just with the stationary side) or just buy a new one. I do plan on having at least another kid after this so it would get use. I'm just not sure. I just feel like I've already had to buy a new car seat because of expiration dates and it's just not cheap having more kids anymore because of recalls and crap.
Anyway, vent over. Thanks for reading!

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Take a look at how the other side is attached. We were able to secure our drop side rail by removing the hardware and bolting the rail on like the other side.

Worth a try before buying a new crib.

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Me personally just for piece of mind and safety I would just buy a new one. Like you said, you plan on having another one after this so it will get used. You don't have to spend tons of money on one.
This is our last baby, but we had to buy a new crib. DH went today and picked one up from Wal-Mart for $160.