I think she will be really upset...

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I think she will be really upset...

I think my DD will be really upset if its not a girl. Sad She keeps saying she doesn't want a brother only a sister!!! What should I say or do??

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My DD said the same thing when I had my first son... But once he got here she didnt care at all.. She just loved having a baby around.. Then she said that about my second son.. She REALLY wanted a sister... But she was all fine when she found out it was a boy... She has stated that if this baby isnt a girl I have to keep having babies until she gets a sister... I dont want to break her heart but I have a feeling its another boy!! lol Shes going to be very dissapointed at first but they do get over it. Also, you can find a cute way to let her know babys gender.. Something that will be fun for her.

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My boy INSISTS he's getting a sister! We're going to take him with us to the big U/S and I think he'll be fine with it. He keeps referring to the baby as his sister though!

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all my boys want a sister too.. I hope they get there wish a lil girl would be nice to have in the house.. More estrogen and not more testosterone lol..

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At least since you're finding out she will have time to prepare if it's a boy! I would tell her that we just want a healthy baby and that we can't choose whether it's a girl or a boy but that she will love the baby either way.

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Well if it makes you feel any better i'm 28 and have a 23 year old brother. I was mortified and devastated when my dad called the day he was born and said I had a brother....but...I wouldn't have it any other way. I got over it very quickly and now have the best little big brother in the world(I have to say that as he's younger but so much bigger than me). I'm sure she will get over it quickly if she gets a little brother. Just try and make her realize how fun it will be to have a little brother around.

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I agree with everyone else - once the baby is there, it won't matter. Smile

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My son is going to need deprogramming if this baby isn't a girl. He calls my belly "baby sister". He's asked for a baby sister since January, when his bff at preschool got one.

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You girls made great points. I really hope she doesn't take it as bad as I'm assuming she will.

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I have a little brother...he's the best! She will learn to love him!

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Ds who is 12 wanted so badly for dd (who is 2 now) to be a boy. I just kept preparing him that we can not control the gender... and would reassure him that if it was a girl he would love her just as much. was he disappointed when he found out she was a girl... absolutely but once she was born and still now 2 years later he says on a daily basis... I love her so much... I can't believe I was disappointed... I wouldn't trade her for the world. AGAIN... this pgcy he is hoping for a boy, we'll see.

Overall, the only thing you can do is just prepare her that it could be a boy this way she doesn't convince herself it is a girl and become more disappointed. She may still be disappointed but no matter what when the baby is born and she holds him/her it's not going to matter any more.

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