I want this...

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I want this...
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This is going to sound really dumb, but do I need special coat hangers for baby things? I saw some clothes pins and it made me wonder..

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hahahaha - That's a cute little set! Lol

Nope, no special hangers for us. We're using DD's hangers that are officially being grown out of. Her clothes are too big and slide off. lol.. If you want to hang baby's pants or skirts in your case (lol), you might want some with clips.. but not necessary if you're cool with a drawer. Smile

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That is sooo adorable!!

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That is super cute! We only hung DD's dresses on hangers. Everything else went in bins or drawers.

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You might need one pack, but that's it. We got 3-4 packs and I think two never got opened. That set is super cute, btw!!!

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Cute! LOL

We keep the hangers that the clothes come on, but I agree that for the most part I just keep everything in drawers. Once T's clothes started getting bigger and taking up more room, I started hanging up his long sleeved shirts more than anything because the rest of his dresser is full, and those small clothes really don't fit very well on normal adult hangers, but other than that I just do drawers.

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Cute! Somehow I missed this! Is this what you are giving DH for his birthday?

I'm planning on folding the majority of the baby clothes. I might get some of those hanging closet organizers to put more folded clothes in. Seems silly to hang a onesie. But if I get a couple of nice holiday outfits or something, I guess I will hang those. Makes more sense for dresses. I figured I would just need about 10 hangers and that would be plenty.