Iditarod starts tomorrow

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Iditarod starts tomorrow

It's that time of the year! I absolutely love to follow this race (even before we lived in Alaska!). The race officially starts tomorrow, today they had the ceremonial start (lots of fun and a short 11 mile run through downtown Anchorage).

Bib numbers 19, 22, 36 are all live near us. Travis (#19) is our neighbor and is a rookie this year. It has been fun watching him grow up with his dog team and this has been a lifelong dream of his. We are very proud. #22 Dallas actually won the race last year and his dad Mitch is #36.

Anyway, I will be sharing my excitement with you all over the next week or so.

Here is some basic info about the trail. They will be doing the southern route this winter.

The Iditarod Trail – Iditarod

And if anyone wants to create a fantasy team here is the link:

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How exciting! That's pretty cool that one of them is your neighbor!

That sounds like a lot of fun, but all I can think is "cold" haha

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I saw something on the news about this today. I love seeing how excited all the dogs are and how much they love it.

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Very cool!