If one more person...

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If one more person...

So there's a guy at work that is always joking about me having twins. He's done it since the beginning and he doesn't really bother me. But I showed a couple people my belly pic and they were like OMG you're so huge! (Keep in mind, they're standing right in front of me..but I had a hoodie on). They said you're having twins! I've had numerous ultrasounds. No one wants to hear me out. It's like it's some funny game to keep cutting me off and telling me I'm having twins.

I've been so IRRITABLE lately. I really pissed DH off last night. I guess I said the wrong thing because he ended up yelling at me. The only time he's ever really gotten mad with me, it was because I was harping on something stuck on my head and he was over it. I think he misconstrued what I said because I think he thought I meant I wanted to leave him and that's NOT what I mean. Anyway, after he calmed down a little...we talked about it. I told him what I meant and he got over it.

But seriously, between that stressing me out and work, I feel like I could just punch and/or kick EVERYONE I see and be completely fine with it.

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I can relate! When I tell people I've had ultrasounds they always say that doesn't mean anything! Umm ok so when I was 6weeks along one tiny poppy seed just happened to be exactly behind the other (from 2 different directions too since I had a normal u/s and transvag)???

I wish I could say the irritability gets better but there are days I shouldn't leave the house because I'll explode on someone.

Hope you start feeling better soon!

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Sorry your DH and you got into a fight. Our emotions are everywhere right now. I know mine are. Random comments from strangers don't help the situation. People can be so annoying during when your pregnant. Lots of rude questions, people touching your belly, and unwanted advice.

I have a friend that crouched down and double handed my belly at 7 weeks when she dropped me off at the airport. I didn't look pregnant at all, so it was very weird to have that going on in public. I know she's my friend, but it still was weird. I've also got people coming out of the woodworks to tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing.

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You've seen my pics, girl.. I've been going through ridiculous amounts of the same thing.. :roll: I doesn't get better.. it turns into.. OMG you're so huge!You must be ready to pop!" And you'll only be 25.. 26 weeks.. :x

I jut tell em to shut it lol..

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Yes, people will only get more irritating as time goes on. People kept insisting I wasn't going to make it to my due date with DS because my belly was so big. It gets old quick.

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LOL!! I can't seem to get over how many Stupid comments you get when you are pregnant or how everyone wants to tell you what to do. It never fails...