I'm back and in the dreaded 2WW

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I'm back and in the dreaded 2WW

Hi everyone! I was a member of the October 09 board, then DS was born premature in September, then we swore we would never have more kids, and now we're trying for #2. Biggrin Took my first round of Clomid this month and just got confirmation from the RE that I definitely o'd this past Friday or Saturday (so, like 2 days ago). So now I'm in the dreaded 2WW and it's taking forever!
Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!
Hoping for lots of BFP's here!

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Hi Amanda! Hoping that this is your month, we're in the TWW together!

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Hi Amanda!
I was a member of both the September 09 and October 09 board too! My Xander was due the first week of October but had a scheduled c-section the end of September. How is your little guy? I am also in the 2ww. It would be awesome for us to be on the same birth board!!

Good luck and babydust!

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Hello Amanda! Nice to meet you! Your son is adorable. Good luck this month, hope you get a bfp!