I'm out

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I'm out

AF has not showed yet but I spent the night in the ER in lots of pain. Generally when I have ovarian cysts they are on the right side but this time it looks like the left.... they did not do an u/s but did do a beta so I am out.

I am actually ok with not being pregnant. I have been constantly worried that I would be pregnant before my fertility clinic appointment and they would drop me as a patient and I would have another m/c and have to go through they waiting period to get in again... with turning 43 in 4 days I am not giving myself a whole lot of time to get pregnant (unless the doctor tells me differently).

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Sorry to hear that, but glad that it works out with your timing with your fertility clinic.

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So sorry! But you are right, your best bet is being able to go to the RE.

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Sorry it wasn't your month. Hope with the RE appointment coming, you will have a lucky cycle soon.