I'm still here

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I'm still here

I'm reading but not posting. Loving hearing about all the new babies. I have so much to tell you all if I could just find time to get to a computer vs. just reading on my phone. We're doing well though, she's just a bit on higher end of needy babies so I spend most of my day nursing and carrying her around. Tried the Moby today and it was a huge success, thank God. I really want to tell you all about my c-section and recovery (I have a lot to get off my chest), show some pics, and tell you all about my sweet girl. Hopefully soon. Congratulations to the new mommas and much love to those still waiting.

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can't wait to hear all about it! Glad you and baby are doing well

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nak-Glad the moby was a success! DD1 was like that, she was very happy as long as she was being held/nursing but i couldnt put her down for anything and she nursed/pacified on me for hours. learning to nurse in a wrap saved my sanity, lol! cant wait to heear your story ans see pics when you get the chance!

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Good to hear from you Joan! I'm glad the moby is working out for you! I can't wait to hear your story.

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The Moby has been a life saver here too. I will have to learn how to nurse with it as well. Our LOs sound pretty similar in disposition. Hope they get easier soon! Can't wait to read your story!

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Glad everything went well and you and your new bundle of joy are healthy and safe. Can't wait to hear more about your recovery and experience! Smile