Insurance issues...

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Insurance issues...

Has anyone taken Zofran? It was only 8 bucks for 30 pills with my insurance. Without insurance, it's FORTY DOLLARS A PILL!! Anyway, I just got it last week. I can take 2 every 8 hours. Well, I have like ten left. I went to go refill it and they won't Sad

I called the nurse and asked for something else (because my m/s is BAD) and she said I'm going to have to wait 20 days to refill it or I'm gonna have to pay out of pocket.

For forty bucks a pill, I'm just gonna stick with m/s.

And I don't understand why I have to wait 20 days. Logically, they should give me enough pills to last the 20 days if they're gonna be butts about refilling it.

I don't wanna be miserable at I guess I'll be miserable at home until I get to that "magic day" when they will give me a refill.

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There is a generic version of Zofran, it's much cheaper. I would look into that. :goodluck:

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That's crazy expensive. I'm hoping you find a cheaper option or your morning sickness ends soon.