Invaded by a squirrel...OT

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Invaded by a squirrel...OT

So I have been working crazy hours, coming home, cooking, cleaning, and then studying until I go to bed. As if that isn't enough, tonight we get home and our home office had been raided by a squirrel. We noticed a hole on the interior wall and some debris coming out of it last week. I called the landlord and they said they sealed the hole from the outside...whelp, they trapped him inside and the squirrel went nutso in there. There was about 50 poop pellets on all surfaces like our desk and printer, what we think is squirrel piss, paper everywhere and the blinds are all jacked up. Thank god DH is cleaning it. But I'm having to deal with him cussing thru all the cleaning and I am just exhausted.

Thank god the doors to that room were closed. Unfortunately the baby blanket that I've spent months on for Henry was in that room. It looks poop free, but I can't be sure its not tainted. I was almost done too. I'm not sure if I can just wash it 100x or if I should toss it. I'm very upset about it. Makes me want to barf.

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Sad Oh no! I hope he is able to get everything cleaned up.
I know you worked hard on that blanket, but I think for peace of mind, I would get rid of it.
Sorry mama! Hope you can get it out and get the inside wall patched up.

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OMG, that's terrible!!! I would think the lanlord should be responsible for that. As for the baby blanket, I would just wash it in hot water. It'll be fine. If you can wash and reuse a diaper, there's no reason you can't wash and use something a dirty squirrel walked on, even if he got a little pee on it.

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Ok I was totally laughing until I got to the point about the blanket... Personally, if there's no smell or residue of poop even remotely by it, I'd say you're ok with finish and washing it.. but like you, I'd be besides myself with what to do. Sad

So sorry you guys are having to deal with a dang squirrel!!! :annoyed:

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OMG I would be SO PISSED! I tend to agree with Joan, if you can wash and reuse a diaper, there's no reason you can't wash that blanket. However, I know that when my dogs pee on something - the smell really never comes out, no matter how much I try to get it out. But I would assume a squirrel wouldn't pee/poop as much as my dogs.

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I am so sorry Eliann that that has happened. I would think also that the landlord was responsible. I really hope things get better. To be honest , I really don't know what I would do with the blanket. Hope things get better girl Smile Sending positive thoughts your way Smile

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OMG, what a nightmare! Did you guys at least get the squirrel out of there, or is he still at large?

I agree with others, I would wash it (maybe more than once!) I think it will be fine.