Isnt it too early?

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Isnt it too early?

I've been feeling the baby move quite a bit. I'm only 16 weeks and its not a continuous feeling but off and on and yesterday I felt it move a lot! Today I've felt it a few times. When they asked when my last period was I had to guess b/c it was the first month (in forever) that I forgot to mark it on my phone calendar. I wonder if I'm farther along then they think? Guess we'll find out on Wednesday! Smile

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You could definitely be feeling the baby at 16 weeks. I've felt some flutters from around 13 weeks this time around. Such a neat feeling! KUP with what they say on Wednesday!

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I think a lot of ladies here started feeling movement around that time. Fingers crossed that find out the gender on Wednesday, Im so excited for everyones upcoming appts!

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Yeah I believe it is the baby! How exciting if you find out you are further along!!

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How exciting would it be to get to skip ahead a few weeks? Biggrin

Having said that, I think that everyone's pregnancy and body are different, and it is entirely possible to feel movement at 16 weeks. How fun!!!