Itchy itchy itchy itchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Itchy itchy itchy itchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to call the doctor's office as soon as they open because I'm going to scratch straight through to the baby if I don't get something for this. I have a breakout of exzema on my belly and it's so itchy its painful. I'm going to lose my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Could it be PUPPS? I read something about this recently in my pregnancy app? Sounds awful. Hope you get some relief soon.

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Hmm .... Elizabeth, I hadn't thought of that. I don't have a ton of redness but that's possible. I think the treatment is the same either way. I'm undecided if I should try something OTC or call the OB's office. I should probably call and get a recommendation either way.

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Oh no! Sounds horrible. I would call the OB anyway just to be sure. I hope you get relief soon!

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My belly was super super itchy with my daughter but **knock on wood** not this time lol... I just used a sarna lotion and it made it better with my first. Funny she actually has really bad eczema and we always joke that is why!

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Oh no, I hope that you get some relief soon! That is soooo uncomfortable to be that itchy. Sad Does a really good lotion (like Aquaphor) give you any relief? I get eczema on my hands, and Eucerine and Aquaphor are both lifesavers.

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Hope you get the itchiness to go away. I had eczema too really bad on my hands and I used cetaphil lotion. It was helpful. Hope everything gets better Smile

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Sad Were you able to figure something out to help?
My cousin had PUPPS when she was pregnant with her daughter and I remember her being so miserable towards the end. Hope you get some relief soon!

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I have some old eczema cream that's getting me by until my next appt. I don't think it's pups because it's not that red or rashy, just really itchy. The cream was prescribed when I was pregnant before too, so it should be ok to use. I really just need to stop being lazy and call.

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Did you call??????? Wink Get some relief, mama!!

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