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IT's A......






Healthy baby! Biggrin

Haha, we had our anatomy scan last Friday and everything looked good! HB was in the upper 140s and we got to see a yawn! The baby's hands were by his/her head a lot. The tech said the baby was very cooperative and she easily got all the measurements she needed. Baby is measuring a couple days ahead which is fine. SO no twins, and no off dates!
Here are pics!

Full profile - with a full bladder the tech said

Looking down

Great profile shot! Got a lot of these. The profile resembles my son! See the hand by the head?

So DH told me afterwards that it was hard not to just look up when the tech told us to look away during the leg measurements. But it's done and just for the sake of wondering, I hope we don't get another u/s haha! It was so fun to see the baby moving around and stuff though. My daughter asked why we couldn't hear the baby crying. Biggrin

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Congrats on your healthy baby!! What a cutie!! Glad that baby was cooperative (as mine had to be poked and prodded a little You have AWESOME CAPABILITIES to look away. I couldn't have done

BTW, I like your new pics of your kids. Very cute!

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Awwww, what a sweetie!!!!!! I agree with Jessica - there is no way I could have torn my eyes away during the leg/sex part. LOL You have awesome willpower! Congrats on your healthy baby. Smile

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How awesome! Congrats on a healthy baby! Those are some amazing shots. I'm so glad you are team greening it! It will be fun to have one last gender reveal in April! So exciting.

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That's a GREAT profile shot. It's going to be so exciting waiting to hear what the gender is after you give birth!!!

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Congrats Vicki - Just curious, what kind of birth are you planning with baby #3. For Noel you used a birth center right? Any plans this time around?

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AWESOME PICS! Lovely baby! Congrats on a healthy baby!

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Those are great pics, what a cutie! Yay for a healthy baby!