It's snowing.....

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It's snowing.....

on May16th. Crazy! I know I live in Alaska, but this is unreal. We still have 2 feet to melt in the yard. Summer will come eventually (I hope!).

On a good note, Timmy seems to enjoy watching the flakes fall.

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Wow thats crazy. I love snow, but not in May!

Last night there were many storms here. We got a lot of hail, but surrounding cities had lots of tornados. The tornado sirens were going off and driving my dog batty. Henry slept right thru it though.

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Sorry about the snow!

Elizabeth - I wouldn't do well with tornado sirens going off. I've been close to some, but not in any. *knock on wood* However, the fire station down the street uses a siren that sounds exactly like a tornado siren. Makes my skin crawl lol

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tornados would totally freak me out! I like notice that a natural disaster is going to happen so I can prep and get out of the way. Smile

On a side note, our chamber of commerce posted this cool aerial video of my little town.

Seward - Alaska Starts Here! - YouTube