It's a very sleepy little....

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It's a very sleepy little....

GIRL!!!! Smile

I was floored!!!!

Baby is weighing at 15oz!! and HB of 162. After 1 hour they pretty much gave up the on the heart measurements (especially because I had the echo coming up). That baby would NOT wake up for nothing!!! LOL! They made me drink OJ, turn on my sides, cough, and nothing! Smile I couldn't even get a pic! Sad But we got a pretty clear shot and its another little girl. Poor DH was a bit upset and has told me he wants to try again! LOL!!

Now of course since nothing has ever come easy in my life, one of her kidneys is dilated and it must be monitored. Of course this is a marker for downs and was asked if I wanted an amnio and I declined. I was told it could easily resolve itself before the baby arrives or it can be easily fixed after birth. I feel the amnio is a bigger risk. I forgot the exact name of it.

Heart is fine!!! Smile :) Smile Actually at this US she was very hyper!!

All in all everything looks good. I have a follow up with OB on the 20th. I was advised to get a cervical US to determine if that was the cause of the preterm brith the first time but I declined and said I would consult with my OB first.

Her name will be Elizabeth Cecilia. Cecilia was my mom's name Smile

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Yay! Congrats on your baby girl! Glad to hear the heart looks good! Sounds like a good weight. My baby only weighed 11 oz. Now I'm worried. I'm sure the kidney thing will resolve itself! So glad you had a good appointment! Congrats again!

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Actually according to what I've read weight is a little high. :confused: I will see what the OB says about it.

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Yay Mari!!!! Congrats on your little girl! How sweet and exciting. Is your DS excited to be a big sister to a little girl? Smile So glad to hear that the heart looked great, although sorry to hear about the kidney. I hope it resolves itself and is fine. I remember at T's anatomy scan they said he had a bit too much fluid around his brain, so of course I worried about that for the rest of the time, and then he was totally fine and normal when he was born. Congrats again, I love the name. Smile

I will update the EDD thread. Biggrin

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Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!

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Congratulations on the baby girl!!!!!! Yahoo Thoughts and prayers that the kidney issue resolves itself.. Smile So happy the heart looks wonderful! Biggrin

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yay!! Congrats on your little girl! I'm so happy for you!

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Love the name by the way. I'm biased of course Wink And I love the name Cecilia too, what a sweet way to honor your mom.

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Beautiful name! Congratulations on your little girl! Emma was 15 oz at hers and my DS was an even pound at his 20 week U/S. Some babies are just bigger and it doesn't mean anything.

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Congrats on your little girl Smile Yey!

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Awww Smile Congrats on your sweet baby girl!!

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Congrats on your little girl! My DD had too much fluid around her kidneys at the 20 week u/s but it resolved itself when they checked back closer to term so I bet your will resolve as well.