I've debated this a million times! m/c mentioned

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I've debated this a million times! m/c mentioned

So I decided to just go ahead and do it because I need more encouragement!!

I'm Marisol, soon to be 33! We have been TTC since late 2009. I have a DD that is 7, and after learning about my egg quality I'm thinking she was a miracle!

Just recently suffered my very first loss after a failed IVF cycle. I had to go straight to IVF due to male IF and most importantly I have terrible egg qualitiy Sad which she told me was most likely the reason the little bean didn't stick.

I haven't board hopped in a while so I'm giving it a shot, don't know why really. So here I am. CD 1 was finally today, so I'm hoping and praying all looks good in there after my US and BW on Monday and we have a go at cycle # 2. I'm so scared because I don't want to sufferer another loss. So my iVF board ladies and TTC for 2 years ladies are the best but I'm here with you guys as well.

Hoping to stay here permantely!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Hey sweets!!!!

Looks like we are cycle buddies!! Af has found me with a vengeance today!!!

I so hope that this cycle is your lucky one!!
God knows you've been patient enough!!!

Sending you all the vibes I can!!!

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Thanks Liz-looking forward to sharing this cycle with you! Hopefully we will both be surprised!!!!!

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Sorry about your loss...I hope you get to stay on the April Board....GL

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Good luck, and hoping that you'll get to stay. Biggrin

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Glad you found your way here! Sorry for your recent loss I had my third in April and am still reeling a bit from it. It looks like AF will be here tomorrow from my cramping/spotting so I am moving in to my 3rd cycle ttc post m/c. Best of luck getting to stay here in April!