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You are up next. What time is your appt tomorrow? I'm going to make a guess...I have a feeling you're having a girl. The boys are starting to take the lead. Our board is due for another girl.

Have fun tomorrow.

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Thanks for remembering Smile My appt is at 3 EST. DH is meeting me there, then he's gotta go back to work/school. We are gonna stop by his moms house ...apparently he wants to tell her in person? But I'll be on to update as soon as I can. I kinda want a girl, DH hasn't said either way what he wants but I'm sure he would like a son. I think I'd be more comfortable with a boy - but we'll see.

I'm scared $hitless LOL

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Yay!!! How exciting! Cant wait to hear what you're having!

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I'm so so SOOOO excited for you!! :party:

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You guys will be thrilled either way I'm sure! Try not to be scared. Whoohoo, can't wait to find out!

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can't wait.....!

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Can't wait to hear! I was terrified before my appt, but soooo happy once I saw my baby girl. I'll be looking for your update!

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Can't wait for your update! Soooo exciting! I agree that I think it is a girl. I heard women often get sicker with girls, and you have been sooooo sick.... Eeeeep, can't wait to hear!

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Jessica is having a girl Smile Lol I just know it!!

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Can't wait to hear - only a few more hours!!

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I admit I will be shocked if it's NOT a little diva princess in there!!! Sooo excited for you!!