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So excited for you! Good luck tonight, you can do it girl! Can't wait to see your little girl. Update us when you can.

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yay! Cant wait to see pics! KUP!

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Good luck!!! Deep got this!!! Smile

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So excited!!! Smile You got this girl!!! Can't wait to hear an update! Smile

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The last update on FB is that they were not doing the cervadil because she was contracting but not making any progress. So they were using a Foley bulb and were starting pitocin at midnight. Will post more when she updates again (she asked me to keep you informed since her birth buddy, Adriana, is busy with a newborn.)

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Yey, can't wait to hear some news.. I hope Julie's entered the world Smile

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Thanks Alissa for the update. Hope she is doing ok and Julie comes soon.

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I hoe everything is going smoothly that if she isn't holding Julie, that she will be very very soon! Can't wait to see more updates!

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I sent her a text this morning but haven't heard anything back - I'm sure it's because she's busy with her little baby girl! :clappy: Fingers crossed that is why! Biggrin

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hope she is doing well and enjoying her new little girl right now!