Julie is here!!!!

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Julie is here!!!!

Jessica says it was a long and complicated labor but little Miss Julie has arrived via c-section!!

WTTW, Julie!!! We're all so very happy you're here! Smile

Thinking of you, Jess :bigarmhug:

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Welcome Julie! I can't wait to see some pictures.

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Yay! Congrats to Jessica! Welcome to the world Julie! Get some rest mama!

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Whew, I was getting worried. So glad Julie has entered the world Smile Congrats, Jessica!! Can't wait to see pics of her!

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Congratulations mama! WTTW Julie! I hope you both have a restful recovery. Smile

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Congrats!!! So happy Julie is here and things are well!!

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WTTW Julie!!! Congrats Jess!!!! I am sooooo happy for you!!!

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Congrats Jessica! WTTW Julie!!!!!! So excited for you guys.

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Wow!!!! I'm glad everything is good and mommy and baby are both healthy! Can't wait to hear about it and see some pictures of Julie! Welcome to the world Julie! Congrats Jess! Hope you have a speedy recovery! I will be praying for you and your family! Smile

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Congrats Jessica and WTTW Julie!

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Congratulations Jessica!!!!! So happy for you!!! Can't wait to see pics of Julie and hope you are recovering well! Smile

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YEAH!!! welcome to the world Smile and speedy recovery for momma and lots of rest Wink

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WTTW Julie! congratulations.

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WTTW Julie! Congrats Jessica, hoping you have a speedy recovery!

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Congratulations!!!! Cant wait to see pics!