Julie's birth story

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Julie's birth story

OMG. What a horrible horrible horrible experience!

Okay so I got here Wednesday at 6pm. They set me up on the monitor and told me I was contracting every five minutes already and they couldn't give me Cervidil because it would mess with the baby. So, they put a foley bulb in me. That was pleasant. For those who won't know, it's basically a balloon they blow up one end up of the attempt to get your cervix to dilate like it's got the babys head laying on it. Well, it dilated to a four. They started the pitocin and I went to a five. They gave me an epidural and that's where all the fun started. He missed with the needle and I felt my left side explode into pain and numbness shortly ever. I screamed and jumped the the guy was all like don't move like that! You might have just moved the needle! I'm like HELLO YOU JUST MADE ME EXPLODE INTO PAIN!! CAN WE DISCUS THIS? Anyway, he fed in the catheter and the meds and I went numb. For about 20 minutes. Then she broke my water. Then I wasn't numb anymore. I had gotten to a 6 by this point. And I went crazy. Contractions were coming on top of one another. They were ALL in my back, it was so horribly painful!! They tried putting more meds in the epi - nothing. OMG it hurt so bad. I was SCREAMING with every contraction. FINALLY, my mom and husband went and got the doc and (this is 18 hours later) she said I wasn't dilating so we could do a C-section. The guy who did my epi did my spinal, but luckily didn't mess this one up. Sweet SWEET pain relief!!!

Julie Frances was born on 4/11/13 at 828pm. 21 inches long 7 lbs 14 oz.

She is just beautiful and what a good baby! When she's hungry she definitely lets you know though..haha

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Sorry Jessica that you had a bad experience. But at least now you have your baby girl there! Congrats! You're a momma! I can't wait for pictures! How are you recovering? When do you get to go home?

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YIKES! that sounds REALLY painful... glad to hear it has a happy ending though Wink congrats!

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What a crazy experience!! :shock: I'm soooo sorry it was so long and painful. Sad At least now she is here and in your arms.. happy, healthy! Biggrin

Good job, mama.. I'm glad everyone is a-ok and healthy!!! :bigarmhug:

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Poor Jessica! That sounds horrible! So sorry you had to go through all if that. But yaaaaaay, Miss Julie is finally here!!! Can't wait to see pics! Congrats Mama! How are you feeling now? Recovering ok?

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Yes, I'm recovering well, thank you. The incision site is still sore and tender, but they say I'm healing really good. The MW said they keep you for 48 hours after a c-section and since mine was at night time, I might not get to go home today. I sighed and she said we'll talk about it more later. I kind of don't want to go home - she's so wonderful, but at home I'm going to be in charge of everything (including cooking and whatnot) and here everything is brought to me lol. But I'm tired of being here...and I miss my doggies. So we'll see. If she keeps me, she keeps me. I have a few pics that I'll upload a little later today.

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Glad to hear you are healing well. Well I'm glad they are taking good care of you in the hospital. It's nice to be waited on, but I can imagine you miss your dogs and your own bed.

Yay for pics! I can't wait to see Julie!

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Aww, I'm sorry Jessica but its all worth it now that Julie is there with you I'm sure!! Can't wait to see pics Smile

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I'm so happy your finally holding your sweet baby girl. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! I hope you recover quickly.

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Sorry about such a horrible experience. But on the bright side , you have your new bundle of joy, your little baby girl! Congrats on being Mommy! Smile Hope your recovery continues to go well! Smile

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Sorry for the bad experience. Glad she is here and doing good. Rest and take it easy when you get home. After my second c section I can say rushing the recovery is not good. I am now two weeks out and have some pain that I know I didn't before and I think it is from doing too much.

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So happy to hear that your baby girl is here and everyone is happy and healthy.
I'm sorry you had such a rough experience though. Try and get some rest momma!