Just Got a Call...

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Just Got a Call...

From my OB office about my U/S on Nov. 30th. Apparently they want me to be on pelvic rest, i.e. no intercourse since my placenta is low. Which DH and I have been so busy that we haven't had the time/interest, but I'm kind of surprised they didn't either tell me at the appointment or else call me within a few days that I shouldn't be DTD. I mean if it was really a problem that's kind of a while to wait to say something. My next appointment is this Thurs, so I will discuss with the midwife then.

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It's frustrating when they're slow about getting what seems like important news to you. I wonder if you'll have to keep that up till the end.

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Sorry that you have to be on pelvic rest. Although I don't know about you, but I have been so tired lately that it doesn't even matter. I was released from pelvic rest at my Nov appt and didn't even bother to mention it to DH until this past Sunday because I was so freaking tired every night anyway. Lol

ITA that you would think that if the pelvic rest was important, they would have told you at your appt, or at the very least within a day or so afterwards. That's very frustrating.

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That stinks! You would think they would have told you that right then and there! I don't understand sometimes!!

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Well that's concerning that they waited so long to tell you. Sorry you have to be on pelvic rest. So are you seeing both an OB and a midwife?

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I am seeing a midwife for all my appointments but she is "under" an OB-if I developed anything that was high-risk I would switch back over to the OB. I don't really care about being on pelvic rest as I have basically no interest in DTD when I am preggo anyway. i'm just surprised they didn't tell me sooner-makes me think it can't really be all that important. Especially since the first time the tech looked, my placenta was high enough, it was just too low after I emptied my bladder.

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