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Just thinking...

Full term for singletons is considered 37 weeks. I'm 26 weeks now. To make it to full term-ness, IS ONLY 11 WEEKS!!!
Granted, I might go on for another whole month past that, but I'm just saying, full term in less than three months? EEEEK

Are you ladies feeling like this pregnancy is flying by? I have times when it seems like it's going by reallllly slow, others it's flying by..

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Just like you said. Part of me is thinking its going by way too fast and another part of me feels like time is not moving. I have a feeling that pretty soon it will feel more fast than slow. I've got a busy next couple of months, not sure how I'm going to pull it all off. I've got showers, birthday parties, exams, work deadlines, and we are moving at the end of this month. I will get to relax a bit by about mid-march and by that time it will be close to baby time.

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Oh yes! The first 12 weeks draaaaaaaagged, but since then it just keeps going faster and faster. It really IS amazing to think that we are closing in on the last trimester already.

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Oh yeah...for me, I feel like this part has just flown by. From finding out we were expecting, to getting the kids ready to start school, preparing for halloween, thanksgiving, then getting to Christmas. This is the part that I feel will start dragging for me. I'm trying to savor each day knowing this is our last, but that excitement/fear factor is kicking in as well.

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*Lurking* I think I remember reading somewhere that full term has been or is going to be changed to 38 weeks.

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I do feel like this pregnancy is flying by-between having a busier job, plus a toddler to chase around when I am at home plus the holiday season in the middle of this pregnancy, I feel like it will be over before I am ready. I keep loosing track of how far along I am too. The only part that feels slow is the not feeling as well or energetic as usual as I have felt sicker and more tired with this pregnancy than the last.

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Yes, defininitely flying by for me!!!