just wanna feel something!

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just wanna feel something!

I keep waiting and waiting to feel some flutters or kicks something to make this pg seem real... my other kiddos I felt very early on but not this one. Maybe that means it's gonna be really calm and laid back lol

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You may also have an anterior placenta (placenta in front of the baby, facing out towards the front of your body) in which case the baby is often kicking the placenta which muffles the feeling and makes it harder to feel. Kind of like the baby kicking a pillow, and then you trying to feel the kick through the pillow on the other side.

Hope you feel it soon! You are still quite early anyway. Smile

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Aww.. that would drive me nuts too. When is your big U/S?

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I'm wondering if you have an anterior placenta too. Have you had an u/s yet?

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we go Dec 4th for our u/s I am so curious to see where the placenta is too, as I've had 2 previa's and one posterior lol they never seem to make it to the right position Smile

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My placenta was anterior with my first and it made a huge difference in my ability to feel anything-it was 19 weeks before I recognized movement and probably not until 25 weeks that I could feel anything regularly. With this one, I felt flutters at like 12-13 weeks.

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I hope you feel baby soon too. It sure does sound like it could be an anterior placenta.

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I hope you can start to feel something soon or at least get some answers at your ultrasound.