Kick counts and movement---help!

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Kick counts and movement---help!

OK ladies, every time I go into the dr, he says do the kick counts...10 counts every hour. Here is my issue and question. I might get an hour or two throughout the day and get the 10 counts or sometimes even more. But then I get quit a few hours in the day where I feel nothing at all or way less than the 10 counts. He says, 10 counts every hour anything less to come in and get put on the monitors...if thats the case I might as well just pack a bag and camp out at the hospital because i'd be there at least twice a day for monitoring until this baby is born.
I know she might be slightly moving in there or shifting and I just don't feel it and thats why they monitor, but geez. How do I know that I really need to go in?
I thought about calling my dr today to see what the say, but thought i'd ask here too. Thanks!!!

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I would call your doctor and ask for clarification since they had a concern to make you do this in the first place, but IMO I can't imagine feeling 10 counts every single hour. For one thing, I would expect the baby would be sleeping a lot of the time, at least if they act the same on the inside as they do once they come out. For another, I personally can't feel movements a lot of the time unless I am lying on my side-I may go all day with only noticing a few movements because I can't exactly lie down at work, nor do I have time in the evening while I am chasing my toddler. For me it is normal to maybe feel a few movements here and there and I usually will feel a lot of activity when I lie down to go to bed, especially if I eat a snack right before bedtime. in my case, I consider it good if I have a couple really active periods per day with the occasional movements at other times that I notice, but again, it wouldn't hurt to call and ask.

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I agree with Rebecca. I never felt Reid or Tristan that much. They sleep like 18-20 hours a day! My doctor told me that I should be feeling the baby move at some point every day, but he didn't even ask me to do kick counts. I would call back for clarification. 10 times every hour just seems like it wouldn't even be possible.

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I guess I'm glad my doctors have never asked me to do kick counts. I just know that she's about as active as she normally is every day. I would think they sleep for at least an hour at a time so there'd have to be periods with no movement, right? I'm really not paying that close of attention though.

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My MW said that you should count during the day when the baby is most active and only for that one hour...not every hour during the day.

Which is good because sometimes I get busy and don't focus in on if she's moving ALL the time

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I agree with everyone here. My midwife said 10 kicks an any one hour during baby's most active time of day. I wouldn't get anything done if I tried counting every hour. Plus the baby sleeps a lot. I really only feel him move at night now. So that's when I count his kicks.

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I don't even keep track. If I haven't felt baby moving for awhile, I just push on a body part until the rest of the baby moves. Smile
Is there a reason why there has to be regular movement?

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I have no idea. I'm not sure if he wants me counting kicks because a few weeks ago they did an NST and biophysical because I went a good 3 hours one morning with feeling nothing, or if this is just standard practice for them. I was looking on-line this morning and from what I have read everything is saying 10 counts for every two hours, which seems more likely too me as opposed to every hour. I know she has sleep times and again moves and shifts and I just may not be feeling her.
She has been very active so far today so I figure I might go awhile and not feel much or anything at all as she could have just tired herself out. I guess i'll just try and pay attention and ask on Thursday when I go in for my weekly appt for more clarification unless something happens in the meantime to really cause worry. I'm not too worried about it yet as I do get a lot of movement, just more curious I guess. Thanks ladies!

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all my drs have told me is to make sure to do kick counts only when i eat or drink something, should be 10 in an hr after i have eaten.. thats 3 times a day then they want me doing them.. and she moves more than that.. So:)