Kylies 3 month appt.

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Kylies 3 month appt.

So we saw the dr today for her 3 month appt. I asked why we were asked to come in monthly when it seems most everyone else is doing the 1 month, 2 month, 4 month, 6 month schedule(that's what we did with my DS). She said that schedule is the minimum requirement for pediatrics. This practice like to see the babies once a month for the first 6-7 months because they change and grow so quickly they like to keep a closer eye on things as a just in case. I am totally fine with that, I was just wondering.

Anyways, Kylie weighed in at 12lbs 9oz and 25in long(so obviously she isn't eating too much like I feel some days). She is in the 90th percentile for length and 25th percentile for weight. The percentiles are the same as last time and so they are classifying her as lean and said as long as she is on the chart they aren't and wont worry. She's on the chart for weight but towards the bottom, but she is on there and slowly going up.
Dr today said she is perfect. Going to try and add a picture I took of her yesterday sorry if it's too big. She will sit up with the help of her boppy. Where has the time gone???

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Sounds like an awesome appt!

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Glad it went well! She is a cutie!

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Aww she is so cute! Glad the appointment went well. I think its nice that your doc sees you every month, so you can keep track of how she is doing!