Kylies 5 month apt and some interesting info!

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Kylies 5 month apt and some interesting info!

Sorry i've been MIA. We've had so much going on from every direction it is just nuts. I do read the posts but it's just hard to find time to sit down and reply.
Anyways, last Wednesday we had Kylies 5 month check up(so she would have been 5 months and 1 week) and she weighed in at 15lbs and 26.5in. Dr is calling her long and slim, but is very happy with her progress.
She absolutely hates rice cereal of any kind. So the dr told us to try oatmeal, and she LOVES it! Opens her mouth like a little bird for the spoon and will eat almost an entire container in one sitting of it. We have also tried bananas, pears, carrots and sweet potatoes. Pears and sweet potatoes seem to be her favorite along with her oatmeal. The dr has said to keep going with the Gerber 1st foods waiting 2-4 days in between each new one. Here is where things get interesting. He said at her 6 month appt he will have us start moving her to the Gerber 2nd foods and some home cooked foods. What? Then he said a the following appt he will have us start to move her to the Gerber 3rd foods. Then at 8-10 months he will have us start putting her on whole milk! I was shocked to say the least. My DS was a year before they told us to start going with whole milk instead of formula and this dr is talking about 2-4 months earlier. I asked him if that was going to be a gradual switch and he said since she is doing so well on the foods and with regular formula we can switch her over night if we wanted to. I know that we don't HAVE to do this as he says to and will take our cues from Kylie, but I was just so surprised because this all just seems to be happening so fast! Any other peds mentioning these switches to any of you at appts?

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Wow that does seem early. We have not talked about the next steps much. DH took her because appt was while I was in school. I feel like with DD we did the spit test with foods at 6 mos... Anything that dissolves in spit but I know regular foods etc was not for awhile. The big switch with stage 2 is just more and a mix of more than one thing at a time right? Def some interesting info

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Way to grow Kylie!

Still not on solids here. My pedi hasn't mentioned them. I wonder why the switch so early. I am not sure what will do when that time time comes. Neither me or my husband drink cows milk and we dont really drink milk alternatives either. I know nothing about baby foods. I only know I want to make some when the time comes. Need to research all that pronto. Henry doesn't really seem interested in foods yet. I might start putting him in his booster seat soon to get him used to it.

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When it comes to baby foods, I just follow my instincs. I'd give pureed or finger foods as you think your baby is ready for them. I am very suprised at the recommendation to switch to whole milk before 1 though. IMO, that seems like bad advice and if I were you, I'd do some research or get a second opinion!

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That seems to be rushing it a bit. I have heard at early as 10-11 months but not 8 months. I agree with Joan, just go with your instincts.

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*lurker from june*
I would do whatever I wanted. Drs don't know everything. I also think it's weird that he recommends gerber. We never did baby food with DD, I pureed a few things, then we went to little pieces. But we also didn't start food until after 7 months.

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There is so much conflicting advice out there! I agree to just go with your instincts. I started Reid on pur?es and cereals at 5 months because he was super interested and he has always eaten like a champ. He loves everything he's had except bananas. But I didn't start T on pur?es until he was 6 months, because that is when he started showing interest. After I started them both, we just progressed at our own speed. Reid is still on pur?es but I am making them thicker and a little chunkier these days. He doesn't have any teeth so definitely won't be giving him anything he has to chew up any time soon. Lol I'm sure your ped knows more about it than me, but I wouldn't start whole milk until 11 months at the earliest, because I'm stubborn and old school like that. Lol

Anyway, great growing there Kylie! It sounds like she is doing really well.