Labor and some other random Q's

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Labor and some other random Q's

Okay so for those BTDT moms, how did your labor go? I asked on the March BB too. I'm kind of concerned that if I do go into labor naturally, I won't make it to the hospital of my choice. So, I guess my REAL question is: When you went into labor, were you able to drive and function normally for a little bit or was it an immediate OMG and panic and not breathing and....etc?

For all of us:

Who's got stretch marks?
I was admiring mine this morning. :rolleyes:

What chore around the house is getting hard to do?
I think mine would mostly be laundry. It's down a few steps and lugging a large basket down or up those steps through the doorway sucks because I have to turn sideways. Plus, the back of the fireplace is back there so my back is up against the fireplace while I try to squeeze in between that and the washer. PLUS, I've noticed today that some of my clean clothes that I fold and leave on the dryer (yeah, lazy) are on the floor. Sooo, DH just threw them down there. For WHAT? Just to make me have more work to do. AHHHH

Anyone else having issues doing simple things?
I had to have DH push me up yesterday. I was laying back on him, he was sitting on the couch, and when I went to get up, he had to help me. Also, I can usually bend down. No, it's not comfortable, but the other day DH had to come grab something for me. I just could NOT get down there. I guess the way the baby was sitting or something.

I've noticed today it's really hard to sit like I normally sit because my stomach is in the way. It feels really HUGE today.

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No labor experience here... Went to csection on time and never went into labor.

I have some stretch marks from before and I can't tell if anymore this time. I did learn you have a genetic disposition for them.

Chore would be cleaning the tub/shower... Can't lean against tub and reach and just blah.

Simple things??? No such thing anymore lol... Today I was passing papers back to my students and it was difficult... Ugh

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First time moms think alike. I literally googled just last night if you can drive yourself to the hospital while in labor. Haha. Lots of women said they had done it and it possible if you dont feel like pushing. I keep feeling like I will go into labor during a client meeting in Fort Worth which is like 40 miles from Dallas.

Chores...laundry and dishes. Dishes are hard bc my belly is keeping me even further from the faucet and it hurts my back.

Simple things...reaching down to do anything. Yesterday while in a client interview my boss asked me to crawl under the clients conference table and plug the projector in. I was like seriously???? umm helloo??? Putting the leash on the dog is also nearly impossible, I have to squat to do it and it hurts to squat and she is constantly trying to escape while Im putting it on.

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Labor experience....I had to be induced at 41 weeks. I was contracting, but I wasn't feeling them and they weren't making me dilate. So I don't have any experience with having to drive to the hospital or anything like that.

Chores- Would be helping the 6 year old with his bath. He hates taking showers right now and likes us to help wash his hair, so getting down next to the tub is really hard. And generally just picking up anything on the floor. Bending is becoming a no go for me, so the hubby is really trying to stay on the kids to keep their toys picked up so I don't have to.

Simple things- Hahahaha! Sat down in a chair today to put my boots on and DH had to do it for me. He sat down in front of me and put my foot on his thigh and put my boots on and tucked my pants into them so they didn't get soaked with snow(Have I said how much I miss living in FL and how i'm so looking forward to the spring time?) Also sitting on the couch DH has been having to help me getup every now and then.

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I'm so lucky I have such long arms or I wouldn't be able to do anything around this huge belly. The hardest thing for me right now is doing a lot of bending, so picking up is rough. DH moves all the laundry baskets, so that helps too. He had to do most of DS's bath too. I can't lift him in and out for one and it's really hard for me to get down to wash him. I actually got winded folding clothes the other day, lol!

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Elizabeth LOL you and I would be great twins! haha. My little girl dog has a leash that stays in the ground outside and I hook her to it so she can potty. My little boy dog doesn't need it, he stays in the yard. But getting that hook on the dog while bending over AND she's squirming because she's so excited to see me...sometimes takes a few moments.

Today, I stood up from bending over and I was like... "WHEW" all loud LMAO

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Oh and Jill? I so totally (just in the last week!!!) have had to have DH give me a push to get off of the couch.

Pregnancy is making me so graceful. :rolleyes:

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Once my labours started, I could not drive....

First time, I was at home for a few hours before they got uncomfortable. I could barely sit in the car and when I got to the hospital, I cried when they told me to go home because I was only 2 cm. I stayed and walked around the ward because the idea of having to sit in the car was too much for me. I had the baby 3 hours later.

Second time was different because I was already in the hospital for a few days because my water broke prematurely (didn't want to check me unless they had to because of the infection risk). I had back pain that was preventing me from sleeping around 2:30am. They monitored me but no contractions. They paged the doctor because I was definately way worse and then determined I was in labour at 5cm at 3:30. I couldn't put my slippers on to walk to the stretcher to carry me down to the L&D floor. I had to phone my husband to come and I could barely do that. I had to pee when I got to L&D and the only thing that made me get off the toilet was that I did not want to have the baby there! Baby 10 minutes after that at 4am.

I'm concerned that it took my husband 30 minutes to get there and he got there right as I pushed the baby out. If I'd been at home, that baby would have been born in the parking lot. We joke for baby number 3 I just need to phone an ambulance as soon as I think I'm in labour because he doesn't want to deliver it!

Some women can drive themselves. Some women can do things like watch a movie or play games in labour. Some women are in labour for days. I am not one of those women. My labours seem to be fast and intense and I am fine with that!

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Okay so for those BTDT moms, how did your labor go? I asked on the March BB too. I'm kind of concerned that if I do go into labor naturally, I won't make it to the hospital of my choice. So, I guess my REAL question is: When you went into labor, were you able to drive and function normally for a little bit or was it an immediate OMG and panic and not breathing and....etc?

My labor lasted about 10 hours total, starting around 2:30 a.m.-3am., starting with what felt like menstrual cramps. They actually felt like menstrual cramps to me pretty much the whole time and I didn't really think I was in labor until probably about 9am the next morning. At first I think they were about 15 minutes apart and I spent much of the night on the toilet having BMs as my body cleaned itself out. I also spent time putting away a bunch of baby clothes that were on our guest bed as I was planning to lie down in it once I got it cleaned off so I wouldn't bug DH with my restlessness, but once I got everything put away he told me just to come to bed in our room anyway. The cramps were too painful to lie through though, so I got up and went on the computer. When I finally started timing my cramps, I remember them being about 4 minutes apart. I called my mom around 7:30-8am and told her I thought I was in labor, I went to take a shower and my DH started packing stuff to go. I showered, dried my hair, worked on packing for the hospital and then I threw up around maybe 9:30a.m. and got scared because I had read that throwing up could be a sign of transition-I didn't feel like I was transitioning but I didn't know for sure. Told my DH we needed to leave NOW, called my mom and told her I thought it was for real. We still didn't end up leaving until around 10:15am, got to the hospital around 10:45 am and delivered DD1 at 1:00p.m. Could I have driven myself? I think during the early part, no problem, but I wouldn't have wanted to go to the hospital that early as I prefer to labor at home as long as possible. Once the contractions were 4 minutes apart, I think I maybe could have, but would not have wanted to try. I could still do stuff between contractions, but as they got closer together, I started feeling a little, I don't know, maybe spacey? between them. I think part of that is from the lack of sleep though, because I had not gone to bed until about 30 minutes before the first contraction came so I basically pulled an allnighter which makes me feel out of it even if I'm not in labor, lol!

Who's got stretch marks?
Some, they usually get worse for me in the last month.

What chore around the house is getting hard to do?
Picking up stuff off the floor, I can hardly bend.

Anyone else having issues doing simple things?
I feel like my stomach gets in the way a lot and standing for any length of time is painful as I have a lot of pressure "down there" when I stand so pretty much anything besides sitting on my butt is hard!

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I know I wouldn't have been able to drive but I try to wait awhile as long as I can before I go in.
If you don't mind being in the hospital for awhile, you can go as soon as you know you're in labor.
Otherwise, could you get your husband or a friend to drive you if you are at work? Or you could just drive home when you know you're in labor and then have someone take you from there.
When I go into labor, it's usually pretty gradual. I don't usually have any Braxton Hicks beforehand so if I have contractions, it's probably the real deal.
Again, I probably could drive myself at the very beginning but I like being home so it wouldn't work. I remember sitting in the floor in the front seat, leaning over the seat getting through my contractions. Don't remember much of that ride at all! We're 30-35 min from the birthing center and last time I got there about two hours before I had her.

Stretch marks? YES, got them at about 35 weeks with number one. I don't even know if it's possible for me to get more; I'm pretty sure all the ones I have were already there. Smile

Hardest chore? Using the dustpan and brush because I have to bend down and pick up every pile. It's not so bad if I can stay down on the floor, but since I have to move to each pile it's taxing. Also, using the steam mop; it's a bit heavy and hard to push around.

Every day things? DH has been lifting me off the couch for quite some time already! And pushing the kids around in the cart at the grocery store makes me winded! We've had some company lately and I've been cleaning more and I have to sit and take breaks every so often because I just get out of breath!

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Labor experience: My first labor symptom was my water breaking, and the hospital told me to come in right away after that. At the time I wasn't yet having contractions at all, so I totally could have driven; I was in zero pain. Later though, during serious contractions I wouldn't have wanted to had to try to concentrate on anything but getting through the contractions. I was in labor for about 12 hours all told. Plenty of time for DH to drive.

Stretch marks: yep, I gots em. I had the old pink ones from T, and now I have new purple ones from this baby. It's hot.

Hardest chore: getting up and down off the floor when I fold laundry.

Everyday things: I had to buy T Velcro shoes because I couldn't get down on the floor to tie his anymore, and he isn't quite proficient enough to do them himself. Lol