Last day of April

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Last day of April

Well ladies its the last day of April and still no baby. I have to say I'm a bit jealous of all of you, today especially. So give your newborn an extra loving snuggle today.

I'm doing ok physically, but emotionally and pyschologically I'm starting to lose it. Between the endless phone calls and text messages and still having to drive to work this week, I'm a total grump butt. I am also fearing having an induction. I've just worked so hard to avoid one and it would suck if it came to that. Well I have 1 week and 2-3 days before it happens, so I'm not giving up hope yet.

I was thinking maybe someone else could do the May Check In this month if only because I think you ladies might have better baby questions. Let me know if you are interested..if not, I will post some questions tomorrow Smile

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Hugs Elizabeth. Henry will be in your arms soon! I can totally relate to wanting to avoid being induced because I was really worried about that too, so I hope that your little guy comes under his own steam in the next day or so. I imagine that getting beyond your due date is very frustrating. He will be here soon though, by hook or by crook, and that's the most important thing. Is there anyway you can take a couple of days off work before he comes? It might make things easier enotionally if you didn't have a high stress job to worry about.

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Elizabeth I can do the check in tomorrow for you.

Hang in there... You will have him here soon

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I know how you feel. As I got close to the end, I got frustrated because I wanted to do things naturally and felt like I wasn't going to get the chance and I felt like it wasn't fair. It's hard, but you have to have faith that it's all going to work out. Hugs!

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The end is always the hardest. Hang in there mama, he should be making his appearance soon-although I know thats easier for us to say than you to hear when you feel like your just done. Hugs!