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    We will probably be buying a new bucket seat because the one I used with the other kids is expiring. I had a really honkin' one last time around and tend to have small babies so I'll probably get a Graco or Chicco this time around. I'd really like to get one of those snap-in stroller bases because they seem *really* handy for malls and such. I tend to use a wrap/wear baby a lot as well but we have a convertible seat that Noel is in that this baby would just transfer into when he/she gets out of the bucket one and I'd rather keep the kids in their same seats for now.
    Also, once they get really big, I just leave the bucket in the car and don't carry it in everywhere. Just because you *can* take it out, doesn't mean you have to.

    Elizabeth, most infant/bucket seats go to 20-22 lbs and then you can get a convertible seat and keep them rear facing or turn them. Noel is still in the convertible seat and then I have a booster-type for my 4 1/2 year old that has the option of putting in a seat belt. Apparently you can use that up until they are done w/ car seats but I will probably change him out to a backless booster just for convenience sake when he's tall enough. He's still got awhile in that seat though probably.
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