Looks like i'll be joining you ladies!

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Looks like i'll be joining you ladies!

Hello everyone! My name is Joy, i'm 27 and just found out we're pregnant with #4 who is due April 8th! We we're using the NFP method but it didn't work! lol I am so excited though! Now I just have to find a way to tell the hubby!! Yahoo I am looking forward to getting to know you all!!

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yay!! Congratulations joy! its so nice to meet ya! Biggrin

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Congrats and welcome to April! How do you think your hubby will take it?

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Welcome! What a nice "surprise!" I am in the process of finding out if we will have a "surprise" or not too...will know in a few days.

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Congratulations! Welcome to April!

I found out last night I'm preggers with a surprise too. We "roughly" use NFP also and the only way I got pregnant this cycle was if I O'd either a week early or a week late (I'm guessing a week late). I broke the news to DH like 2 seconds after I found out...told him to take a look at what was on the bathroom counter. He seemed to take it pretty well. Hope the same happens for you. Smile

KUP on how you tell DH and how he takes it

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Welcome and congrats!! What a nice surprise!!

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I think DH will take the news well. I just want to find a cute way to tell him since all my other babes I just told him I was pregnant. I'm thinking either getting a shirt for my 14 month old that says "Big Brother", or maybe getting a small cake that says "Comming April 2013" and put a little baby on it. I just want it to be memorable since this will be our last.

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Welcome and congrats!!!
I think you're ideas are so lovely xxxx

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I love the cake idea!

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Congrats! My first was a NFP oopsie too but I've been doing NFP since I had my second successfully and we're finally actually trying now.