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First off, my house stinks. UGH, I'm definitely gonna have to hunt down what's making that smell. *gag*

What's everyone doing for lunch? My lunch consisted of:

I thought, I WANT WENDYS! Then I was like no, there's food at home - go home and eat. I only live like four miles from work, so.. I came home. On the way home, I was thinking I was gonna eat some spicy noodle thingys, but then I remembered last time they KILLED my stomach. (I think it was because I went to sleep like..15 minutes after I ate and didn't give myself time to digest), so I ended up making cheesy noodle thingys, and...I started mixing it and the smell got to me.. I left it on the counter and ate some Count Chocula cereal instead. LMAO.

DH was on the phone with me while I was mixing it..and I said, "Oh hell no. Nope Nope Nope." He said who are you talking to? I said these nasty smelling noodles....and he was like oooookay.

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LOL. Talking to your food huh? Sorry the cheesy noodle things didn't work out for ya. Gotta go for the things you know wont make you puke!

I had a rough morning of throwing up, but ever since then I've been starving. I'm eating posole soup and walnut apple salad. Banana and cookies for desert!

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I promptly threw up my cereal LOL.

I can't eat any salad with nuts in it. I'm not a big nut fan. However, soup sounds good! Even when I was puking like...every five minutes, I could always stomach soup.

I want some NOW. LOL

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Wow, just saw you're 17 weeks! Congrats!
just thought your food choices were funny! I'm the exact same way! I change my mind all the time on what I want to eat. SO i'll just make something and then not eat it and find something else. I have yet to find something I can stomach everyday!

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There have been many times I've packed food for lunch, heated it up and tried to take a bite and said, NOPE!! Not eating that. I always keep Ramen Cup O Soup at work because I know I can always eat it and the other day at work someone said, "Does your doctor know you're eating all of that sodium?" I wanted to punch him.