Major owie last night.

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Major owie last night.

So, I went to bed around 920. We had eaten dinner around 7 - it was lasagna, and I didn't eat much because I wasn't hungry. Okay, so I woke up at 10 with this horrible horrible feeling in my stomach. Like someone had just punched me over and over. I didn't feel *sick* like I might throw up, it just HURT. So I got up to walk around, thinking maybe the baby was in a weird position or something. When I got up, I started to have back pain. It escalated quite quickly into horrible back pain, so bad in fact that my stomach didn't hurt at all after the back pain started. Then I started throwing up. Just a small amount here and there. I know I had issues with eating and then sleeping twice before, so I ate some tums and my stomach calmed down. But my back hurt so bad! I was crying and sitting and rocking back and forth. I'd try to stand up, but it wasn't any better. It wasn't contractions, there was no "better" time or "worse" time, it just friggin hurt. So, I woke up DH to take me to the hospital because I couldn't stand it anymore. He asked me had I taken some Tylenol. I'm thinking to myself...seriously? Tylenol? For this pain? But I knew we didn't have the money for the hospital and I'd have to change and I took some tylenol and sat on the couch. He rubbed my back and then shoved our electric blanket behind me on high (it gets HOT) and about 20 minutes later, the pain went away. Not slowly either. It just was gone. Poof.

Seriously not cool at all.

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Wow, that sounds awful! I'm glad that you felt better, but how weird!

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Wow, that is weird. I wonder if you're gonna be one of those that has back labor. I'm glad it went away and I hope it's not a recurring problem for you.

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That is strange. I'm glad it went away. And I so know how you feel about making those emergency visit calls. Looks like you made the right decision and saved some money. Keeping my fingers crossed that the pain never returns!

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Ouch, ouch, and more ouch. That really is weird, I wonder what it was. Glad it went away though and you didn't have to make a trip to the ER.

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Where in your back was the pain? I am so glad it went away and hasn't come back.

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Cristan, it was low - kind of around the belly button area, but in the back.

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That sounds horrible. I'm glad it went away and you didn't have to go to the ER.

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