Making a schedule/getting them to sleep

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Making a schedule/getting them to sleep

Do you ladies do any kind of schedule with your babies? I've generally always done an eat, awake, sleep schedule with my babies. I was more strict with it with my first but I'm definitely more laid back about it now. I do think it works pretty well because baby doesn't get nursed to sleep and it's easier to tell whether they are tired or hungry.
Right now Judah eats about 6-8 times a day. He usually wakes up around 5am, then eats a couple more times before lunch and then throughout the day.
My problem is mostly at night. I'm trying to get him used to going to bed at 9pm instead of eating and then just hanging out awake with DH and I until we go to bed. DH and I really need time to ourselves and he's sort of putting a damper on that! The past couple nights we've tried to get him to sleep and he is either just hard to get to sleep or wide awake. Any tips? I make sure and get him a fresh diaper, jammies on, swaddled up, binkie in (if he wants it), etc. Sometimes we just rock him out here, tonight I rocked him in his bed and he went to sleep. But it seems to take FORever. Although once he's asleep at around 10pm he sleeps until 4-5am!

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What time are you trying to put him to bed? You might play with the time to try and find something that works. I know if Iccan get Emma to bed around 8 or so, my night is easier, but if I go to 9 or later, it's a nightmare to get her to sleep. As for scheduling, I'm a fan, but I think I'mggoing to wait until she's closer to 3 months and her sleep is a bit deeper and more consolidated. In the meantime, I'm trying to work on things like getting her to sleep in her crib, falling asleep without nursing, etc. How do you get Judah down for naps? I can sometimes rock her, but nursing still wins out often.

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We did the EASY schedule with Sam and we just started this week with Tim. We were going to wait to start at 8 weeks, but I started one week early! He has fallen quite naturally into a 3 hour schedule and has calmed down quite a bit. I think I was attempting to nurse him when he was fussy and not hungry. We just start the timer when he first wakes up in the morning. It may be 430 or 6.

His nighttime scream fests have lessoned as well. Last night he was awake from 230-345 but was not upset, just nursing and then awake and happy. Nursing takes us a while because we still have latch issues. I just watched part of a movie until he showed sleepy signs and then put him back into the cradle.

and just this week I have been successful in putting him down awake and he has been able to put himself to sleep (not every time, but more often). The times he has gone to sleep on his own, he has slept the longest.

I would LOVE for Tim to sleep from 10-5! as for getting him to sleep earlier, I don't know how you make a wide awake baby go to sleep! What is his late afternoon/evening pattern?

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My older was totally scheduled more on her own doing than anything we did so I just assumed Rylee would be the same. Not the case really. She was eating every 4 hrs and sleeping 2-3 in between and now her eating is all over the place. At night we get 4-5 hr stretch but she squirms and is so noisy that I do not get the same luxury. I am thinking when I go back to work in two weeks she will schedule better too because more of a routine. I don't really put her down per say because she naps in her chair or swing throughout the day and I can lay her in crib at night and she will put herself to sleep.

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I'm nowhere near this stage of planning, but I wanted to share that a schedule sounds lovely! It's great that Judah is a good night sleeper.

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We aren't really pushing a schedule either. But here in the last 3 nights, Kylie has been asleep between 10-11pm(depends on when she wakes in the evening from a nap usually 6-7:30pm and then stays awake) to where we can lay her in her crib and she stays asleep and then has been sleeping until 3:30-4:00am. Wakes for a change and bottle, then back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. She has been awake more often during the day now, so i'm thinking that has something to do with her "schedule" she has going at night.

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Joan, you may be onto something with the window of time to put him down. He could do to go to sleep earlier in the evening because lately he's been waking at 5 and then I have to wake him up at 9am which since I'm already up with the kids, it would be fine if he was up a little earlier.
Usually he will go to sleep in his swing during the day. I usually have to shush him some and give him his binky a few times first. Sometimes he falls asleep in the bouncy in his room with no prodding. It's just at night that he's a lot harder. I think I'll try just feeding him and putting him down right after the kids go down.
Last night I just fed him a bottle and then pumped before bed which I think will work better right now since he takes so long to nurse plus usually at night I don't have enough for him and have to do a bottle afterward so it ends up being like an hour or something of feeding him.