Maternity Pics

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Maternity Pics

So I've been non-stop researching for a photographer to do maternity and newborn pics. But my friend who is an awesome photographer offered to do maternity pics for me in February or March. So excited! I'm going to pay her still, but at least she won't charge me the $300 for a dvd of photos like other photographers do.

She didn't offer to do newborn shots for me and I'm not sure she would want to anyway. So I might still hire someone to do newborn photography. It's so freaking expensive though. I know photographers work hard. Many of my friends do it and I know how long the editing takes, but I just can't afford all that.

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That is really fun that you are going to get maternity pics, and so sweet of your friend to do them for you. You will have to post them on here for us to see!

I probably won't be doing maternity pics either (unless a free shoot falls in my lap) but I think we will do newborn photos of this little guy. We will probably just go to Portrait Innovations. We have had some pictures of T done there, and they do a pretty good job and it is fairly reasonable.

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I don't have any plans for maternity pics. I probably wouldn't do them even if it were free. However, I'd like to get a family pic as soon as my little girl is here. I'd also like a few of her right after birth. I just have this odd aversion to actual photographers doing photos because I always always think of this big huge bow on top of a babies head.

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"babywings1" wrote:

I just have this odd aversion to actual photographers doing photos because I always always think of this big huge bow on top of a babies head.

Haha, DH said the same thing. The big bows are ridiculous but I can't help but love them. I especially loved the knitted hats. I'm planning to knit my little guy a hat and a baby blanket. I hope I'm done with them so they can be in the pictures.

We talked about it though and we might buy a DSLR instead of hiring a photographer. Because we don't have a good camera anyway and I'm going to want to take pics all the time. I know my skills aren't as great, but at least I will have fun trying.

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I think buying your own camera sounds like a great idea! That way you can capture all babies sweet moments. As for newborn photography, I did it for a short while and it is VERY hard! I have no problem with my own, but its completely different when your handling someone elses newborn. I hope you can find a decently priced photographer though. And have fun with your maternity pics. Thats great your friend offered to do them for you! Photographers are outrageously overpriced these days!

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I did maternity/newborn package with Noel. Everything came out really well, especially the maternity pictures. I don't feel like I need more of them though, and I have no plans for newborn pictures this time.
I will say though, if you want really newbie pictures, 7-10 days old is the best time (I think Noel was 14 days old and too alert/awake) and get them to come to you so you don't have to take baby out.