Name: Vicki
Baby's name: Judah
Baby's birthdate: 4/10/13
Baby's current stats: About 8lbs, probably 22in long
Baby's next appt date: June 12th (2 month check up)
Your next appt: I just called to schedule it because I forgot. It'll be about 3 weeks from now for my 6 week follow-up.

About you:

Natural birth or c section: Natural
How are you recovering physically: I'm feeling almost back to normal now; still get some light cramping sometimes when I do too much, still bleeding some, TMI but I think I have a spot near my butt that is still healing because I bleed every time I poo. Also, getting impatient for my belly to go all the way back down.
How are you recovering emotionally: I'm a LOT better now, not weepy anymore.
What is hardest part for you with recovery: That I *want* to do stuff but my body prohibits me from it; I can't go out and have to stay close to home for awhile.
How much longer on maternity leave: n/a
What did you decide on birth control: We're just going to use the diaphragm until I get my period back although the medication I'm on makes my prolactin levels so high that I really doubt I would get my period back until after I'm off it. Then after that, we'll use the diaphragm, NFP, and condoms when I'm ovulating.

First time moms what is your favorite part of being a mom so far:
BTDT moms what did you forget about newborns that you love: That they're so cuddly and little and sleep a lot!

Baby time:

How is the baby sleeping: Good! He does 2-3 hour stretches of eating during the day and we usually have one longer 4-6 hour stretch at night followed by a 2-3 hour stretch.
What size clothes is the baby in: NB but getting tight, 0-3 months
What is the baby's favorite baby gear item (swing, stroller etc): My ring sling. He conks out every time I put him in!
Any gear the baby hates: The cosleeper. I think he hates sleeping totally flat. It will be interesting transitioning him to a crib!
Who does baby look like: He favors his Daddy's side
If siblings how are they taking to the baby: They love him! They are starting to get a little too comfy with him now though and trying to "play" with him and be rougher.
Any concerns you have about baby: Just that he gains weight and that I can eventually stop supplementing.

Any questions you have that someone could maybe help with:

Anything else to add: